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Howto reinstall a dead OPI

This howto covers howto recover a bricked dead OPI or a forced downgrade from a newer version to an older one. For a normal reinstall se here (Re)Installing OPI

In some rare occasions OPI could end up in a "dead" unrecoverable state. This could for example be the result of an interrupted reinstall or a filesystem corrupted in another way. In this situation the normal startup never finishes and a normal reinstall is never started.


To perform the re-installation you will have to remove the cover of OPI thus you need the following

  • Complete OPI with network and power supply/USB-cable.
  • Torx T10 screwdriver
  • SD card with installer (Read (Re)Installing OPI on how to create.

Disassemble OPI

Turn OPI upside down and locate the four screws. Note that the upper left screw is located under the sticker.

OPI bottom

Use the screw driver to remove the four screws and then gently remove the upper cover.

OPI without cover


Locate the top left button on OPI

Alternate boot button

Insert the install SD-card into OPI and hold down the button while inserting the power cable. When led is lit you can release the button.

OPI power on

Now wait for the installation to complete as described in the (RE)installing OPI.