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On both OPI and KEEP, as well as on BeagleBoneBlack, there is a 6-pin header that can be used for debugging the system using a serial cable (not mounted on OPI though), the pinout is compatible with FTDI TTL-232R

Setting for the serial port is 115200, 8N1.

By default, the boot log is displayed on the console, but it can also be enabled for login by reinstalling the unit. Prior to install edit the file "/etc/kgp-install.conf" on the installation media (disk/usb memory/uSD card) and setting the parameter DO_ADDROOT to 1.

This will make it possible to log into the system with the user "root" and password "op237" on the serial port. Note that this does not enable ssh access, only access using the serial port.

Serial port connection

TTL to USB serial cable connection

The image shows how to connect the cable mentioned above to KEEP.