Mission Statement

The KinGuard Project, and the community around it aims to support a software platform that can give the possibility to have private and personal data, available from anywhere on any device without third party dependencies and data harvesting.

By installing open source software on a device under physical control, there is no need to sign over any kind of rights on the content to the service provider, and by supporting end to end encryption wherever possible it is also possible to keep conversations and data transactions private.

The community is totally open source and hosts a forum for discussions and a wiki to help out with documentation and other static information. All software is hosted on Github and is free and open source.

Overall goal for The KinGuard Project is to have a software that can work on many platforms, without any need at all for third party involvement. The software bundles shall be made available as ready to use install images, and it should be possible to use without more administrative knowledge that is required to set up a router or access point.