Accessing OPI

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Accessing OPI

Post by pa » Sat Sep 06, 2014 7:40 pm

Accessing OPI
I order to get the most out of OPI some ports need to be reached from the Internet.
OPI and KEEP tries to do this using UPNP, but if your router does not support this (like the Excito B3 which in all other aspects is a good router), you will have to open and forward ports manually. It is very rare that routers block traffic from the local network to internet so normally there is no need to do anything for those ports.

The incoming ports used are:
Port 80 - HTTP
This is needed in order for Let's Encrypt client to setup the web certificate.
All regular traffic will be immediately redirected to use HTTPS on port 443.
Port 443 - HTTPS
HTTPS is used for synchronizing calenders, contacts and files as well as access to the web interface.
This port can in the router be set to another port, but in that case also remember that you have to enter the specific port number in all configurations and if you want to access the web interface.
Port 25 - Incoming mail
If OPI shall be able to receive incoming mails, port 25 needs to be accessible. If the OpenProdudcts mail relay server is used to receive mail, port 2525 needs to be accessible.
Port 143 or 993 - Synchronizing mail
In order to read email from an external device such as a smart phone or a computer, port 143 or 993 needs to be accessible. Port 993 is always encrypted usin SSL while port 143 uses TLS to negotiate whether encryption should be used.
Port 587 - Mail submission
In order to send email from en external device, port 587 needs to be accessible.


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