Mail relay server

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Mail relay server

Post by haraldc » Sun May 13, 2018 9:30 pm

My ISP blocks port 25 so I cannot receive mail directly in Keep. When I read the Keep manual I do not understand how I shall set up the system to use the Openproducts mail relay server for incoming mail.
  • Can I use the mail relay server for my own domain <company>.se?
  • How shall I set up the DNS to direct my incoming mail to your mail relay server?
  • Can I configure your mail relay server to recognize my domain and map it to <devicename>

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Re: Mail relay server

Post by tor » Mon May 14, 2018 2:26 pm

Hi haraldc,

Currently we only support forwarding of email, sorry :( Not ruling out that we add support for custom domains later. But for now our backend infrastructure only handle unit-domains. You can of course however use our outgoing relay to send email with any sender address.

To configure your unit to use the Openproducts mail relay just use the admin UI, E-MAIL CONFIGURATION, Mail server config


Check send and receive checkboxes.

This will configure our relay to accept all mail that is sent to your device-name addresses. For example if your device name is coolname, all emails sent as will be accepted by our relay and forwarded to your local unit on port 2525.

For this to work two things must be in place.

1. You have to have OpenProducts dyndns service enabled and it has to correctly point at your public IP-number.

2. internet traffic to this IP on port 2525 has to reach your unit. This could need some firewall forwarding in any routers etc.

I hope this somewhat answers your question. If not please get back! All feedback is always very welcome.


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Re: Mail relay server

Post by pa » Tue May 15, 2018 6:52 am

Just a quick not here aswell.

Depending on your setup, it might be possible for you to setup forwards for your email on your own domain. Meaning that all mail to should be forwarded to In this case the emails will be accepted by our relay and delivered to your unit.

Again this depends on the setup for your own domain, so this is not a general solution.


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