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Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2020 8:47 am
by tor
We are happy to announce that we today release KinGuard 20.07

This release is a minor upgrade and provided both as an upgrade and as installer images for OPI and Keep. If your unit has auto update enabled it should upgrade automatically. Release notes

Information on how to download and install is available here: ... =Downloads

Main visible/notable changes include
  • Manual start of a backup
  • Manual start of an update
  • The backup expire function is overhauled once more.
Other updates
Base system and dependencies are updated. A lot of preparation to migrate to the upcoming Buster release.

This upgrade contains a kernel update which can be problematic for some OPI systems with low free space on the system partition. If the upgrade should fail contact OpenProducts Support and/or read more about it here: Problems with security upgrade

We are currently still working on the major update with the Buster based release which hopefully should not be to far away right now.