Kinguard 18.06 Released

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Kinguard 18.06 Released

Post by pa » Fri May 18, 2018 1:56 pm

Finally we are ready to relase Kinguard 18.06.

This is the first release under The Kinguard Project flag and a lot of effort has been put into making the code a lot more modular and depend as little as possible on what hardware it is actually running on.

With this release the system is now based on Debian, and basically all components have seen upgrades and has been reworked to work with the underlaying HAL.

For KEEP, the software in this release will auto-update, but for OPI this requires a total re-install of the system. Recommended way to upgrade OPI is to have a USB backup and restore data during the setup.

More information about the release and how to use it can be found on the wiki. Please also make sure to read the Release Notes.

Some things that are worth mentioning a bit extra is:
  • Moving from Ubuntu based system to Debian (stretch)
  • Owncloud is replaced by NextCloud
  • Amazon S3 is supported as backup target
  • The security certificate is provided by Let’s Encrypt
  • Possibility to add a custom web certificate
  • ‘Tasks’ has been added to the available applications

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